Archadeck replaces roofs too!

Archadeck of Charlotte has been replacing roofs for the past several years. It only  makes sense, we add over 200 room additions, sunrooms, and screen porches every year to homes around the Charlotte market and are always tying into existing roofs. Now more than ever as existing homes are aging, people are having us replace their entire roof so it all matches perfectly.

In addition, Archadeck has been called upon more often than ever to just come out and replace consumer’s roofs even if we are not building a room addition or screen porch. They just love our quality, integrity, and we have earned the trust of the market. We continue to grow our business of remodeling homes in Charlotte as we started off as a deck builder 21-years ago. It is hard to believe the growth of the brand and the company in this economy.

One thought on “Archadeck replaces roofs too!

  1. Speaking of roofs, Archadeck of Charlotte installed a remote-controlled retractable awning over our patio in the Pulte Amherst Green town home subdivision on Ashford Crest Lane. It’s awesome!

    Before, the sun was so intense back there, we were seldom able to enjoy our patio. But now it is quite a different story.

    Weekends we enjoy breakfast or brunch outdoors, and as for dinner, we’re out there virtually every night of the week.

    It’s like we have a whole new (outdoor) room with our covered patio. Thanks, Archadeck!

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