Mechanic’s Liens on remodeling or outdoor living projects

I recently overheard a conversation 2 gentlmen were having about a construction project gone bad. The one gentleman was a homeowner who was asking the advise of a lawyer at a local gym. My ears perked up as I own Archadeck of Charlotte and wanted to see if I could help. The homeowner was withholding final payment until the contractor came back and did some repair work. The contractor refused until he received his final payment. The contractor has since threatened to file a mechanics lien on the property. The homeowner wanted to know if he could do this and what the ramifications are. I introduced myself and asked a few questions. The fact was that the contractor did complete the project but the homeowner wanted him to fix something that was not spelled out in the contract. I informed him that the contractor could successfully file a lien based on the facts he was presenting. While our company would have done the small fix, it does not mean every contractor will and thus it will be a problem for the homeowner having a lien on his property. My suggestion was to put the money is an escrow account for the contractor that will be released upon the fix to ensure the contractor he had good intentions, problem solved!

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