A quick blog on an honest remodeler in Charlotte

As the owner of Archadeck of Charlotte, it was so heartening to see this event of honesty and what it meant to another human being. One of our carpenters came into my office this week with $450 in cash and said, “someone has lost this money in our parking lot”! One of our office staff has been having some severe financial struggles and this money was her house payment that she was going to hand deliver to make her monthly mortgage. She did not realize that the money had fallen out of her purse on her way into the office. When I approached her if she knew who may have lost the cash, she broke down with tears of joy. This simple act of honesty from one human being to another was incredibly touching. I know Archadeck’s carpenter was so happy to have helped out. I can tell you how proud I am to have this type of person working for our organization! It was such a great moment that hopefully this will inspire others who read this….    http://www.archadeckofcharlotte.com or http://www.charlottte.archadeck.com

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