Composite Decks versus Wood Decks…Charlotte, NC asks which is better?

At Archadeck of Charlotte, we often get asked our advise on whether to use wood or composite when building a deck or replacing the current deck. There are a few key factors that will help navigate your decision.

1. Price – Composite decking is quite a bit more expensive up front than southern-yellow pine wood decking. If you are just replacing the deck boards and keeping the existing structure, you can expect to pay more than double for composite. If you are building a brand new deck, it will be about 30 – 40% more than wood because the labor is the same cost and the structure is going to be wood either way.

2. Maintenance – Wood decks need to be stained or painted every 12 – 24 months depending on your sun exposure. They also will eventually splinter and warp and do need up keep.  Depending on whether you hire someone to do this or you do it yourself, the maintenance cost will be enough after 5 years to cover the upfront cost of purchasing a composite deck.

3. Aesthetics – While traditional wood decks have always had the edge in aesthetics, the new composites look so much like wood and do not deteriorate over time that they actually can now edge out wood for long term aethetics.

4. Value – According to “Remodeling Magazine”, wood decking has one of the highest return on investments and therefore is a greater overall value. It has proven to be a higher ROI than even kitchen and baths over the past few years!

Too view examples of both, check out these web sites for great photos and videos  or

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