Vinyl vs. Wood Pergola? Best value in Charlotte?

The big question people ask us at Archadeck of Charlotte is what do we recommend when it comes to pergolas, vinyl or wood? There are several considerations to take account of when considering the answer.  Much like a deck, you should consider how long you are planning on staying in the home? Are you prepared to stain or paint the pergola every 2 – 4 years? What color do you want? Vinyl pergola’s are generally white only. They have very little maintenance other than washing them down. They should last your entire time in the home and then some. The cost is basically double that of a wood pergola depending on how it is built and the manufacturer. If you are looking for a white pergola, it is hard to beat vinyl! However, if you are looking for the natural beauty of wood and you do not mind occassional staining, you would spend 1/2 the money up front and have the rich look of real wood! To see examples, check out our photo galleries at   or

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