Time to invest in deck or patio?

If you listen to the news, you would think you should put all of your money under your pillow and wait for a day of good news. The funny thing is, it is always easier to believe bad news and we are always skeptical of good news. Here are a couple of facts, Archadeck is a company that designs and builds outdoor living spaces. Our products are disposable income based and a great barometer of the economy.  Another fact, Archadeck has grown about 20% in 2010. How do you explain this? Contrary to all the gloom and doom sayers on the economy, we believe people are fed up with the bad news. People are investing in their homes and fixing them up the way the want so they can enjoy them and put value back into them. Additional fact, banks will pay you less than 1% for keeping your money. They are telling us they do not value our cash. Decks and patio’s are amongst the highest return on investment the least few years and continue to shine in all of the statistical data that has been released. Decks and patios are a great way to build value in your home as wel as provide enjoyable outdoor living you can utilize without leaving your backyard!

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