Being cheap is in vogue…but does it really make sense for a remodeling project?

As a 48-year old male, I am always astonished when I hear women getting a compliment on something they are wearing and they proudly yell out, “I only paid $10 for this at Wallmart!” The response is something like, “wow, that is so great..and cute’!

When I was growing up, people did not advertise if they did buy something on the cheap. Rather, they were proud of purchasing something of quality. It is understandable that people are looking to save money anywhere they can in todays economic environment. The question I am raising in this blog is….does it make sense to go cheap on a remodeling project? I think not!

When you purchase an article of clothing or an electronics item and pay for little for it, the consequenses of poor quality are minimal. Our society treats these things as disposable and the risk is minimal. When you are remodeling your home, you are in fact risking one of the largest investments if not the largest investment you have! Todays fad of “cheap” may be tomorrow’s worst nightmare in remodeling. We are having our largest years in our company’s 22-year history with people who hired contractors who went out of business prior to completing the project or simply misled the consumer. We are not happy about this because it gives the whole industry a black eye. I would argue that consumer’s need to really think through the risk of low price when it comes to a valuable investment….like their home! For more, go to ..  or

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