What is right for my backyard..a deck or a patio?

I often get asked “what is right for my backyard, a deck or a patio?” There are some functional and cost factors to consider when you look at your own situation. For example, is your backyard flat or sloped? Do you value low-maintenance and how much of a premium is it worth? What are your aesthetic preferences?

More often than ever, we are seeing people incorporate both a deck (and/or screen porch) with a lower level patio combination. This is a beautiful look and provides the best of both. While patios are certainly low-mainenance, the cost is driven up when there is a slope to the backyard. This requires more fill dirt, crushed stone, and retaining wall. Decks can be low-maintenance when you choose a composite deck like Trex or TimberTech, but that also drives the cost up. So….to answer the question posed, ask yourself the following questions: what is the grade of my backyard? What is important to me in terms of maintenance and what is it worth to me? How long will I be in the house? What is best for resale value? etc…. For more information to consider, view the following web sites..  http://www.charlotte.archadeck.com  or  http://www.archadeckofcharlotte.com


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