Charlotte Outdoor Living Trends

What are the hottest trends in outdoor living in Charlotte, NC? We can start with an entire design approach to bringing the inside outside.  It sounds funny but we find ourselves moving everything from appliances, lighting, furniture, fire features, water features, kitchens, etc… to the outdoors of our homes.

What is the fascination of moving outdoors? It appears to be the “staycation” effect we keep hearing about. People wanting to vacation while they stay at home…and it makes sense! By simply designing a complete outdoor living space, you get the feeling you have escaped the hectic pace of life. What you will not find is an office outdoors that defeats the whole purpose!

The hottest trends in outdoor living for us entails beginning with a complete landscape design that incorporates multiple outdoor living spaces, stone work, the appropriate vegetation that will both beautify and provide privacy, as well as art work. We find ourselves coming up really neat and functional designs and then building to a budget in stages where it becomes affordable! The hot trend is definitely the multiple outdoor living spaces with the entire landscape design! Check out some of the projects at or

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