Stone patio’s add great aesthetic appeal to outdoor living spaces in Charlotte!

Travertine paver patio with flagstone wall and stone firepit

Stone patio with travertine and flagstone wall and fire pit

Stone outdoor fireplace with flagstone patio in Charlotte
Stone outdoor fireplace with stone patio in Charlotte, NC

We have seen the most beautiful patio’s here in the Charlotte, NC area this past year being designed and built. In working closely with customers, the desire to have real beauty combined with functionality has led us to grow our stone patio business. If you look next to this at some of the flagstone work and even the paver work in combination with other substrates, it really adds a high aesthetic appeal to the outdoor living space. While flagstone is more expensive, it is not outrageous and where you have some flat land, it can be done beautifully. You can also add stone sitting walls, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and kitchens to complete the design! For more ideas, log onto either one of the enclosed web sites for photo galleries and video’s:  or

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