Sunrooms in Charlotte…stick built versus aluminum pre-fabricated

When you are considering a sunroom to add to your home, you have a decision to wrestle with right up front. Should you use a company that produces pre-fabricated aluminum rooms or should you hire someone who will stick build the room like the rest of your home. Archadeck of Charlotte has done both and here are the “pro’s and con’s”.

The pre-fabricated sunrooms are known for being energy efficient and tout a lot of glass. The real energy efficiency comes in the form of insulation and energy efficient windows. The negative with these structures is that they look they were bolted on to the house as an appendage or afterthought. They really do not match up well architecturally.

The stick built (which we recommend), is a sunroom that is designed as an integral part of your exisiting home matching the current architecture and materials. The stick built sunroom really looks like it was part of your original home. You can also benefit from all of the same energy values as the windows and insulation used in the pre-fabricated room can also be used in the stick built! I have enclosed an example of a stick built sunroom for consideration! You can also visit our web site at and look through the photo gallery.

custom built sunroom in Charlotte

Energy-efficient custom built sunroom

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