Does it make sense to convert a screen porch to a sunroom or heated living space?

One of the more common asked questions these days is “does it make sense or can you convert a screen porch into heated living space or a sunroom? There are actually several good reasons to do this.

First, if your screen porch is well built, a lot of cost has already been absorbed. What I mean by this is the roof is already paid for and attached to your home and if the right builder did it, it should appear to be part of the homes original architecture.  In addition, your flooring system has already begun and you can simply add to the structure to add tile, hardwood, or carpeting. Finally, your wall system has already begun because you have several posts already constructed. You can simply add framing lumber to build out the walls and then purchase insulation, windows, and drywall. Many times the screen porch is already an ideal size for a room additon.

   Even if your current screen porch is not large enough to accomodate what you are looking for in a sunroom or heated living space, you can expand it and still take advantage of the original investement. To see expample of these, you can visit the photo galleries and either of these web sites: or

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