How to work with a remodeling contractor?

People have very different styles and approaches to working with remodeling contractors. This blog is a little advice from someone who works with hundreds of clients each year on remodeling projects.

In spite of earning a horrible reputation, not all remodeling contractors are dishonest or going out of business next year. Many are real professionals who are in business to help people with the remodeling options. The best approach is to decide up front what level of expertise you are truly searching for from a contractor. Too often consumers only want to talk to the pros to get ideas only to use a less expensive contractor who brings little to the table except low price.

If you are looking for design ideas and a quality project, be prepared to interview pro’s and see who comes up with good ideas and has a solid reputation. Once you find that contractor, come up with a budget that works for you and see if the contractor can build something suitable to that budget.

One big mistake we often see is people start off with the professional contractor and come up with a design they love and then hire someone else to get a lower price. The problem they run into is the contractor often does not have the expertise or exact material to build what was designed and it leads to a very disappointing experience.

If you truly are interested in the lowest price or one of the lowest prices, you most likely will get what you paid for. Start off with that expectation and you will not be disappointed. Not all projects need a design and build approach.

3 thoughts on “How to work with a remodeling contractor?

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