Outdoor Fireplace Options for screen porches

We are finding more and more people who want to figure out how to integrate an outdoor fireplace into a screen porch here in Charlotte, NC. There are several challenges that come with this product. First, there are local building codes that require you to keep the fireplace at least 10′ away from the house. Then the chimney must go at least 2′ over the highest pitch within 10′ of the actual chimney. What this means is if your screen porch is elevated off the ground, you need to pay for masonry from the ground up to the porch level and then continue the masonry all the way up through the roof and 2′ past the highest pitch which can be extremely costly to have a wood burning fireplace. This is less of a cost factor if you have a porch that is 3′ or less from grade. An option to bring the cost down is a gas/ventless outdoor fireplace. This will not require you to start the masonry from the ground but since it is lighter weight, you can structure the porch so is sits on the porch and then does not need a chimney. This is important for those who are on a budget and not able to afford the wood burning option!

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