Charlotte Outdoor Living Room Trends and Ideas

  So consumer’s have vastly decided to move their indoor life outdoors. What are the latest trends in outdoor living rooms? We are seeing stone outdoor fireplaces as almost automatic when people begin with their design. The stone fireplaces can be gas or wood burning but there are local building codes that must be followed prior to construction and you should consult and professional who has done these enough times to know.

  Lighting options are big with the outdoor living rooms. Everything from integrating recessed lights to rope lighting around a cove mold are great for extending your outdoor living well into evening hours for reading and entertaining.  We commonly install flat screen TV’s and surround sorround sound so people can watch ballgames, movies, or listen to digital music as part of the experience.

   We can integrate an outdoor kitchen into the porch with venting or build an attached patio or deck to house the cooking cabinet. Putting tile in the outdoor living room gives you a durable and low-maintenance approach to the room.

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2 thoughts on “Charlotte Outdoor Living Room Trends and Ideas

  1. Hi,
    I live in CT and am considering building a screeened porch with a cultured stone fireplace. Do you know how much the fireplace would cost? What would the difference in cost be between a gas or a wood burning?

    • The answer lies within a couple of aspects of the job. If you are doing a “ventless” gas fireplace, it will end up being less expensive since it will not be neccessary to run a chimney up beyond the roof. It also dpends on how far high off the ground your porch is! If you build a wood buring fireplace, you will need a footing and run the stone up from grade all the way to 2′ above the highest pitch in your roof that is 10′ away according to building codes in NC. You will have to consult your local building codes to confirm if that is true in Ct!

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