Big Builders are hurting, what about Remodeling?

There was a time not too long ago, big builders like DR Horton Homes, Ryland Homes, and Ryan Homes were building specs all over Charlotte. They would hire us to build their decks and we were doing millions of dollars each year with them. It was business we did not have to out and sell our market, they simply faxed us the order and we would build their decks. Lots and lots of decks! Today, the big builder in Charlotte is building no specs and demand has dwindled to a crawl. How about remodeling in Charlotte. We (Archadeck of Charlotte) have an exterior remodeling business that designs and builds outdoor living spaces and an interior remodeling business (Value Remodelers) that designs and builds interior spaces like kitchens and baths. These 2 remodeling businesses are seeing record growth. So while the big builder struggles, people are staying in their homes longer and investing in both making them more comfortable and keeping them up to date for when the market comes back! For remodeling ideas, check out or

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