Is the price of gasoline killing you…conspiracy?

For many of us, the price of gasoline is as much upsetting as it is prohibitive. The nature of commodities is that prices have traditionally fluctuated with supply and demand. More recently, large institutional buyers are hedging against futures, shorts, and other equations most of us will never grasp. It feels as though currently there is a conspiracy (in spite of the fact I have never been paranoid!).

Instead of feeding the Arab nations billions of dollars, it is still unclear to me as to why we don’t drill for our own natural resources and bring them to their knees for awhile? From what I understand, we have plenty of opportunity and would lead to massive job creation (that would be a good thing last time I checked).

In the mean time, let’s use less gas and entertain at home. Creating outdoor living is all the craze and is like taking a vacation in your backyard. The opportunities are nearly endless from decks and patio’s, to outdoor kitchen and outdoor fireplaces. You can screen in a porch or patio to keep the bugs away and do a total outdoor living plan. For some great ideas, check out

outdoor kitchen Charlotte

Archadeck outdoor kitchen will all of hte appliances


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