Is there a reason “do it yourselfer’s” should not build screen porches?

We wrote a blog on the reason why “do it yourselfers” should not build outdoor fireplaces” and it gets read every day by many, many consumers. It is so well read that there is a demand to find out more on similar topics. So, is there a reason “do it yourselfers” should not build screen porches?

Screen Porch by Archadeck of Charlotte

Custom screen porch or covered deck in Charlotte by Archadeck

There are several reasons. The first is somewhat obvious but the law in the Carolinas provide that you must be a licensed general contractor to do projects over $5,000 in South Carolina and $30,000 in North Carolina for those that are not aware of that fact. Secondly, you must pull a building permit or you risk having to tear the entire structure down after the fact at your expense. The building inspectors frown deeply on structures being built without permits as that is how they make their living.

covered porch with window enclosure system

screen porch with retractable windows

Thirdly, a screen porch is typically attached to your home and involves cutting into your roof and or sidewall. If you are not schooled on this, the money you save by doing it yourself gets spent quickly on leaks and costly repairs. Screen porches are an extension of your home that require structural support and know how and therefore and are not meant for do it yourselfers! For photo’s of screen porches and more information on a professional design and build company see the web site

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