Under what conditions does a detached garage or detached screen porch make sense?

We get many inquiries for detached structures. The most common being detached garages and detached screen porches. Archadeck of Charlotte is a custom remodeler and outdoor living space provider and we are looked to as the expert for these types of questions.

The question of whether it makes sense to build a detached garage depends on where you live, your zoning requirements, the functionality, and finally your budget. Detached garages are not really a problem if you live in a temperate climate where it does not rain a lot and does not get severely cold. One of the advantages of building a detached structure is it allows you to make it larger that you might if it were attached because the “set back” rules do not apply to structures that are not built into the existing house.  From a budget standpoint, it is often less expensive to build a free standing garage than it is trying to remodel part of the house and add to it depending on what costs you can avoid with what you have.

A detached screen porch’s primary advantage is back to the idea that you avoid the set back rules for your land survey. Some people are not able to add a screen porch simply because the way there plot is laid out will not allow for it. By building it detached, the counties do not enforce the setback rule. Detached screen porches also allow for you to have a 4-sided screen wall while connected to the house you most likely are going to have one or two walls that are sided or bricked! To see examples of both attached and detached structures, click through to http://www.charlotte.archadeck.com or  http://www.archadeckofcharlotte.com

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