How do I choose the correct rail for my deck? Archadeck of Charlotte can help!

Charlotte outdoor living covered patio with black railing

Charlotte open porch with black metal railing

Archadeck of Charlotte has designed and built over 20,000 projects in the Charlotte market since 1988. We get asked many questions about design and architectural concepts. One of the hot topics is “how do I choose the correct rail for my deck?”

There are 4 primary considerations we take into account prior to answering the question. What are your functional needs, what are your aesthetic desires, what is the building code, and what is your budget?

1. Functional Needs: Are you wanting a maximum view? Do you need something that is child or pet proof? Do you have other saftey considerations? Is low maintenance important to you?

2. Aesthetics: What materials are you using for flooring? What materials are on the exterior of your home already? What does the neighborhood require? Is color a consideration? Do you like contrasting or complimentary materials?

3. Code Requirements: There are different codes in each county that mandate height and strenght requirements prior to deciding which rail we can use.

4. Budget: Rails come in many price points. The aluminum and rod iron rails are on the higher end of expense side. Composite and vinyl rails can be as much as the metal rails depending on style. Wood rail is the least expensive but requires the most maintenance.

To see the various rail options, visit the photo gallery at

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