Deck Saftey…what’s all the fuss?

There is a growing awareness around the USA around deck saftey, what’s all of the fuss about? Fact….there are over 40mm decks in this country and over 50% are more than 15 years old. Fact…there have been more than 225,000 injuries in the past couple of years due to decks collapsing.

Reality check….how many of us really know how to determine if our deck is safte? The answer is, very few. Fact…many of the decks that are out there were either built by a homeowner or a contractor who did not pull a building permit and may not have built it to the appropriate building saftey codes.

Good news…..there are certified saftey inspectors that can provide a relatively inexpensive saftey inspection to determine if your deck is safte or may just need minor support and enhancements to bring it up to a safe level. In Charlotte, NC, Archadeck has certified deck saftey inspectors who can go through a 20-point check list to determine if your structure is solid, your flashing is done properly, the wood is rotting, etc… It’s often not what you can see that’s wrong, it’s what you can’t see or don’t know what you are looking for. Several agencies are pushing for awareness and for more information you can call 704-944-1350 or go to and go to a form submit to set up an inspection or gather more information.

TimberTech composite deck with pergola and screen porch

Charlotte based home with composite deck, hot tub, outdoor lighting, screen porch and pergola

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