Archadeck takes Royal Caribbean’s Monarch of the Seas cruise!

Archadeck of Charlotte took their design team on a Royal Caribbean cruise on Monarch of the Seas this past week in search of outdoor living concepts, team building, and strategic planning. What we came back with was a new product concept we are excited to bring to Charlotte, NC. It is a water feature where it is a hybrid between a hot tub and a pool. It is a natural stone pond that has the jets and heater and looks like a natural grotto. You can serve drinks and entertain 6 – 8 people at a time in the pond that is built into the ground and has the look and feel of a natural hot spring. The product should retail in the $15 – 20,000 range installed and will be the envy of your friends! The Royal Carribean offers great service and we so enjoyed our trip but we are most excited about the “party pond” concept that will enhance anyone’s outdoor living space without breaking the bank!

Royal Caribbean Strategic Planning Session for Archadeck of Charlotte

Archadeck of Charlotte holds its 2012 Strategic Planning Session on Royal Caribbean

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