How do I know if my screen porch is big enough or how to plan for the neccessary space?

At Archadeck of Charlotte, we often find that people choose the size of their screen porch based more on the back of their house rather than thinking through how they are going to furnish the screen porch or how there are going to utilize the space. While looking at the different roof lines, doors, and windows on the back of the house are all elements for consideration, another important element is how much furniture you would like to place inside the screen porch on how you would like to situate it.

Screen porches are really “outdoor living rooms” these days and many people have a table for dining as well as a couch, rocking chairs, TV’s, and small tables. Our advice at Archadeck is to measure the furniture and leave room for chairs to slide out as well as plan on leaving pathways for traffic flow. By taking these items into consideration, you will create a very functional screen porch. To get ideas, click on this link to our photo gallery at 

Archadeck of  Charlotte built screen porch with outdoor fireplace and travertine

Archadeck of Charlotte screen porch with outdoor fireplace and travertine tile


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