Considerations for deck designs by a Charlotte Deck Builder…Archadeck

There are thousands of homeowner’s who attempt to build their own decks each and every year with varying degrees of success. At Archadeck of Charlotte, we often get called by these people as they want to see if we can build the deck as cheaply as they can. The answer is probably not.

While there a some very talented consumers that have the capability of digging holes and screwing boards together, very few actually can build the deck safely or up to building code requirements. Fewer still have any ideas on how to actually design the deck to maximize functionality and provide great aesthetics.

Archadeck of Charlotte custom designed Trex deck

Charlotte Deck Builder (Archadeck) custom designed composite deck

Here are some considerations from a Charlotte deck builder that has designed and constructed well over 20,000 projects in the past 23 years, Archadeck of Charlotte:

1. Look at the grade of your yard to determine how many steps will be needed to bring you down to grade.

2. Determine the best area to design and build the stairway based on which side of the deck you want to exit to get to areas of the backyard, which way people are likely to come around from the front yard, what obstacles are going to be in the way of your new stairway, consider to stairways…

3. Level changes on decks can add great aesthetic value and character, a major consideration however is where do you make the level change and how much functional space does that leave each level

4. Rail materials and design are what your neighbors can see when they look across your backyard. There are multiple options here and aside for aesthetics, consider what rail designs may or may not obstruct view.

For more deck design ideas, check out our YouTube site as well as our photo gallery at

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