Remodeling trends that aren’t leaving…

US News and World Report wrote a great article recently about major remodeling trends that are here to stay. The gist of the article highlights the fact that in-law suites, kitchens, and outdoor living makeovers are the 3 remodeling projects that are not only hot now but data shows there is no slowing down in the foreseeable future.

Outdoor Fireplace Charlotte with travertine and stone seating walls

Outdoor Fireplace Charlotte with travertine and stone seating walls

  With an aging population and health care facilities beyond the average persons financial resources, in-law suites are becoming more and more common as a place for us to house our parents as they age and need care. They also add value to the home. Kitchen tasted are changing as people are forgoing large work space areas for larger eating areas. Finally, outdoor living has become a sort of refuge as people love the outdoors and moving their indoor conveniences outside.These 3 treads have great staying power and are great investments in your home! For design ideas, go to or .


2 thoughts on “Remodeling trends that aren’t leaving…

  1. Remodeling takes time especially if you are not just going for appearance but functionality as well. While others decide to have outdoor home additions or check on their roof if it is still sturdy enough – there are also others who decide to improve their patios and outdoor kitchens.

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