What are my options for stone patio’s?

There are many options for patio’s and we get asked all of the time what they are. Archadeck of Charlotte designs and builds outdoor living spaces and patios are fasted growing category for outdoor living.

The most economical of course is just a plain concrete slab. The drawbacks are they will crack over time and tend to look cold and industrial. An inexpensive way to solve for the aesthetics and keep the price low is to stain the concrete and warm it up with color.

The next step up is a stamped concrete patio, this is more expensive, looks great, but will not prevent cracking of the concrete. From there you can get into a variety of pavers from a straight brick look to multi-dimensional pavers. These are quite popular today. Then you get up to your Travertine stone patio’s and various tiles, they can be used as pavers or a tile

Travertine stone patio and landscape design in Charlotte

Archadeck of Charlotte stone patio and landscape design

look. Finally, you get into flagstone patio’s, a great natural look for your backyard outdoor living space! For a complete photo gallery of patios, go to www.charlotte.archadeck.com

Paver patio with sitting wall and fire pit

Archadeck of Charlotte paver patio and fire pit

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