What is the true function of a Pergola or an Arbor, do they work?

Archadeck of Charlotte is constantly asked, what does a pergola or arbor really do? It is just decorative or does it have a function?

Archadeck of Charlotte built this pergola and paver patio

White pergola and paver patio in Charlotte, NC by Archadeck of Charlotte

Depending on how it is designed and what your objectives are for it, it can absolutely serve a function. While pergola’s/ arbor’s will not stop rail or wind, they definitely can provide shade. The closer you space the rafter’s and the perlins together, the more shade they will provide!

There are products on the market that will provide even additional shade and protection. For example, there are both fixed and retractable fabrics that can be installed that will provide complete shade from up above when you want it. These come in various colors and price ranges and we are able to give you great and up to date information on these.

The bottom line on pergola’s is that they can definitely provide shade and they add tremendous aesthetic appeal to a deck or patio! To see a wide variety of pergola’s, go to www.charlotte.archadeck.com

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built this deck and pergola

Composite deck and pergola in Charlotte

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