How often do I need to seal/stain my deck?

How often should you seal/stain your deck? This question gets answered everyday at Archadeck of Charlotte!

After building over 20,000 decks, we have a good idea. Decks that are exposed to afternoon sunlight will require staining more often than others. Different wood species will also weather differently. The most used decking in Charlotte, NC is by far pressure-treated pine. If it is exposed to direct sunlight, your best bet is to seal it annually. If on the other hand it is not, every 2-3 years is sufficient. Composite decking will never need sealing but still require cleaning (products like Trex decking).

The Brazilian hardwoods like IPE don’t require stain but will silver out rather quickly not keeping their rich initial color. To gather more information, go to

Archadeck deck in Charltte with fire pit

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built this pretty stained deck and fire pit


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