Top Charlotte Deck Builder discusses different composite decking options

Archadeck of Charlotte is one of the nations top deck builders and has been installing both composite and wood decks for over 25 years. They are so prolific in building composite decks that their brand is often thought of as a composite material!

There are easily over 30 different brands of alternative wood materials on the market. The choices range from traditional wood polymer composites to all PVC to a hybrid or what is commonly referred to as a cap stock product.

Trex ( is the originator of the category. They began with a wood polymer composite that really started the trend of low-maintenance deck boards close to 20 years ago. The early composites were criticized for fading, easily scratching, and perhaps worst was the staining from algae and mildew. They survived the criticism through heavy investment in R&D and have evolved into not just the first in position but the category leader in market share and technology. The choices of color and options have helped them grow along with their cap stock product, Trex Transcends.

Other top brands on the market include TimberTech, AZEK, Evergrain, and Veranda, amongst others. The key for the consumer is that there is limited product availability in stock in the supply chain. Building material houses only have room and inventory dollars for so much product and most will not risk new or unknown players. This makes the true aspects of the over 30 brands really limited to perhaps 4 – 5 that can be delivered at a reasonable price point or time frame.

If you are looking for a Charlotte deck builder, visit our deck photo gallery for ideas and inspiration.

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