How do decks or patios affect my drainage?

In Charlotte, NC, drainage issues are abundant. We are in an area with suburban sprawl and the grading of the land in many sub-divisions leaves a lot to be desired. Homeowners are faced with standing water that attracts mosquitoes or just areas of their lawn that are constantly wet.

pergola on stone patio

Free standing pergola on paver patio

So, how would constructing a deck or patio affect the drainage issue? The construction of a deck and placement will have little to no affect unless it is built right at ground level and the framing of the deck we placed at ground contact creating almost a dam for water. This is an unusual design but for homes on a crawl space, this is the usual option. If a deck is built right on the ground, it is important to look at how the current grading is done and where the water is currently set up to drain? In most cases, decks are neither going to help nor hurt your drainage issues.

Patios are a different story. Because most patios are impervious (water does not drain through them), drainage is most commonly addressed in conjunction with construction of a patio. It can normally be done with simply grading under the patio in combination with the direction that the patio is slanted so that the water run-off is to the desirable direction in the yard. The design of French Drains are an important tool in water run off and can be build inexpensively. For expert advise in the Charlotte market, call Archadeck at 704-944-1350 or go to

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