How does Archadeck of Charlotte come up with its pricing?

Why is it when a consumer gets proposals for “the exact same scope of work” are the prices so varied between contractors? It is hard for consumers to reconcile!

TimberTech RosewoodHow does Archadeck of Charlotte come up with its pricing? It’s a simple formula that has been developed and refined over the 26 years in business. With experience and understanding for example of all of the material costs, labor costs, permits, insurance, material taxes, and warranty coverage, we then add our profit that allows us not only to stay in business and pay all of our bills but also remain competitive in the local market.

The challenge is there is a low barrier to entry in the remodeling space so many inexperienced contractors jump in and simply want some business at any price without the wisdom of what it takes to survive long term. Even if you hear of a contractor that has done jobs for 3 of your neighbors, there are no guarantees that he will be around to fulfill contracts and warranties. When you are investing in a big ticket item like an outdoor living space, please do your homework more than just comparing scopes of work. All you are generally comparing is material not thinking about the larger piece which is the labor. To learn more, go to


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