How many estimates/ bids should you get when looking at a remodeling project?

Archadceck of Charlotte designed and built this double-deck open porch in Matthews, NC

Archadceck of Charlotte designed and built this double-deck open porch in Matthews, NC

So you are planning a remodeling project for your home and you are wondering how much time you need to invest to select the correct contractor and how many estimates are the right amount?

The answer is not what most people assume. Somewhere at some point, there became a phrase that “you need 3 estimates”, no one is quite sure where this originated or when.

The real answer depends on your motivation and the answer lies within the following questions:

1. List out the attributes of the contractor that will be taken into consideration ahead of time, this might include but not be limited to design ideas, quality of materials suggested, reputation of contractor, longevity and viability of contractor, insurance, license, relationship, references, etc…

What is most important in order to you of the list above?

2. How large an investment is this for you in the scheme of things?

3. How much time do you really have and what is your time worth to you to invest in multiple meetings discussing the same thing?

If you have defined the project with the help of a professional and want to make sure you are getting the best value, you may want a 2nd estimate if you can find another quality contractor who not only can provide the same level of service and quality but that you feel trust for. If you have done the proper research and feel good about your initial contractor appointment and the estimate is within your comfort zone, there is no reason to look further!

Archadeck of Charlotte is a licensed general contracting company that specializes in outdoor living, for more information go to

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