I want a screen porch but I am worried about blocking the light out of my Charlotte home?

A big concern for people wanting a screen porch added to the back of their home is how much light it may or may not block from getting back into their home, and rightfully so!

Archadeck of Charlotte designers are as close to experts as it gets after 26 plus years of designing and building screen porches and over 23,000 projects built. There are several considerations and things that can alter the lighting.

When people ask me if a certain roof line is going to darken their home, the first thing I ask or observe is to see if the house is currently dark where the porch is going to be built? If the answer is yes, my response is simple. If your family room for instance is currently dark, it is going to stay dark with or without adding a screen porch so we can eliminate that as one of your concerns.

If the current portion of the house is actually light from the way the sun hits the back of the house, roof line is a big consideration. The roof line that allows the most light in is a gable roof or what looks like an “A-Frame” roof. When we design it with an LVL ridge beam, it allows us to vault the ceiling, completely screen the gable (or triangular opening), and allow the maximum light through back into the house. The more pitch we can get on the gable, the more light that will be allowed back in. If you cannot have a gable due to 2nd story windows that are in the way of a gable pitch, there is a way where we actually design a shed roof and in the middle we design and build a gable dormer that is pitched to allow light back in.

Finally, sky lights are a great light source when placed properly and designed to allow light in the right spot! This takes a well-thought-out design approach. Sky lights are notorious for leaking but when you buy the right flashing kit and install them properly, they should not leak! To see various roof lines, go to http://www.charlotte.archadeck.com and the photo gallery and there are great illustrations and examples where you can envision what it might look like on your home!

paver patio with screen porch

Outdoor living in Charlotte with a screen porch

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