How to select the right contractor? A contractor’s perspective!

Choosing the right contractor is often a challenge. There are many published articles and opinions on this so we thought we would share the questions you need ask to consider which contractor is right for you?

1. What is the scope of the project? Large or small? Does the contractor have extensive experience doing what you want done?

2. What are the key criterion for you? Design? Quality? Service? Price? You won’t get the lowest price with the best design and best quality typically. What is really important?

3. Can you rank the order of importance?

4. How can you get the best value or “bang for the buck”? The best contractors will walk you through various options

5. Does the project require a building permit and is the contractor taking care of it?

6. Is the contractor providing ideas to help facilitate a final design?

7. Does the contractor have the appropriate license and insurance?

8. Can the contractor readily provide references? Can they provide more than 10? This is important! Even if you don’t call all 10, if they cannot provide 10 – 100, are they really that experienced?

9. Do they have a physical location? Can they be found if something goes awry?

10. Are they BBB rated?

11. Do you like the person you will be dealing with?

These are some suggestions as to how to formulate a plan when selecting the appropriate contractor for your project! You can find more information on Archadeck at

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