Does Archadeck of Charlotte have bad reviews?

Social Media is a trend that is not going away anytime soon. I recently attended a very interesting seminar on the Social Media and its effects on small businesses.

As you might guess, it’s a double-edged sword. For VERY small businesses, they can have 2 – 10 reviews, get all A’s, and grow their business substantially with little to no investment. The other side of that coin, if it’s a very small business and they only have a few reviews and they are not A’s, that could be the last time the phone rings!

Larger small businesses are equally effected but in different ways. These companies have already grown, made investments in people, products, marketing, etc… Today’s consumer looks at online reviews in more than 75% of their purchases. That is a staggering number.

When consumer’s decide they either don’t care for the product or service, did not like a particular company representative, or just felt like they could use social media as a bargaining chip with a contractor, they go right to social media.

Have they really gained? What was in it for them? Is the consumer so altruistic that they really believe they are doing it to help others avoid the bad experience they had? The speaker went on to say that in studies, more often the respondents admitted they did it out of spite and for punishment!

Archadeck of Charlotte is a 27-year old family run local business in Charlotte, North Carolina. We have been fortunate with great employees and vendors over the years and have survived downturns in the economy, health of employee issues, jobs gone wrong, and so forth. We have prided ourselves on ALWAYS doing the fair thing for the employees and customers and have maintained an A+ rating every year since we have been in business with the Better Business Bureau .

This organization ensures that companies respond to consumer complaints and that is exactly what we prefer to do. We are not perfect and when we err, all we ask is for the opportunity to correct the error. Once we do this, we are amazed that people still want to use Angie’s List, Yelp, and other sites to bury us and others?

The speaker claims this would not happen if they really understood the damage this causes to companies…or would they? We only want to serve and serve effectively as Eric Kent Archadeck Charlottewe have over 20,000 customers who would testify! Most do not want to take the time to go on social media to say so though. We have nearly 100 Archadeck of Charlotte testimonials on our website. Click here to read them and then give us a call at (704) 944 – 1350 for a free consultation on your upcoming project.

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