Designing a custom pool house or pool cabana? What should be included?

Charlotte open porch near poolAt Archadeck of Charlotte, we get called upon more frequently than ever to design and build pool houses and cabanas. With people moving their lives outdoors, the want is to have all of the conveniences closer to where they are spending their free time to entertain friends and family.

The outdoor pool business appears to be booming based on the number of requests we are getting for these structures! We begin with space planning. How many people will typically use the space? What functional purposes are we trying to solve for? Along with shade protection and weather protection, what other conveniences do you desire? Outdoor shower? Outdoor bar? An outdoor fireplace either free standing or integrated into the cabana?

These are logical starting points when beginning the design process for a pool house. Thinking about changing facilities and a restroom? All of these items require space planning and architectural thought! What type of roofing will you desire? Standing seam metal roofing? Architectural fiberglass shingles to match your home? What about flooring, a non-slip tile or some other masonry surface?

This structure can serve a dual purpose of hiding and housing your pool equipment as well. We have a beautiful photo gallery for you to gather design ideas at as well as as we feature our projects there as well!

Archadeck of Charlotte designed this Gazebo pool cabana with fire pit and patio

Archadeck of Charlotte designed this Gazebo pool cabana with fire pit and patio

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