Does the back of my house need to match the front?

As a professional design/ build firm, a common question is posed as it relates to the architectural details when considering the back of the house. How important is it that the back of the house mimics the front?

custom built sunroom in Charlotte

Energy-efficient custom built sunroom with lattice under deck

It depends who you ask. For this expert opinion, there are certainly considerations. Number one, which details are you referring to? For example, if you have  a front porch and are going to build a back porch, should the columns match? I would suggest that while many people may not notice, it does make sense if you have round columns on your front porch to stay with that theme on the back porch.

What about color? If your front porch is painted (as opposed to stained), should you stay with paint on the back porch. Unless you are going out of your way to create a rustic look in back, traditionally you would go ahead and paint the back porch as well and make it appear that it was part of the original home rather than an add – on.

Another common question refers to substrates (material types). If there is only brick on the house, does it really make sense to use stone on the columns or outdoor fireplace? I would suggest mixing materials actually adds architectural interest!

To find wonderful design details for the front and back of the house, go to Archadeck’s photo gallery at


Charlotte open porch near pool

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