How often do I need to stain my deck?

Pressure-treated wood decks require staining in order to make them last. The most common question we get at Archadeck of Charlotte is “how often do I need to stain my deck”?

The answer is it depends! The factors to consider are what is the exposure of your deck to the sun? Is it southwest? If so, it will most likely need to be stained annually. If it is north, there is likely to be mildew since it doesn’t get much sun so it will need to be cleaned but perhaps will only need staining once every 3 years.

Any of the other directions will be somewhere in between!

To get more information or if you want an estimate, go to or call Renew Crew at (704) 944-1350 or email us at


Hot tub deck with a privacy fence and outdoor shower by Archadeck of Charlotte

Located in Charlotte, NC this backyard oasis was designed and constructed by Archadeck. It includes a pool deck, screened porch, covered outdoor kitchen and dining area, firepit and raised spa deck.

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