Which stone is best for my backyard patio?

How do you go about selecting the best stone for your backyard patio?

This blog will take you through the various options and why or why not you might select them! The basic patio started with cement. The product is relatively inexpensive (although the cost has risen over 20% the past 2 years) and can be done quickly. The key to a good concrete job is the preparation of the site, the PSI used for the concrete, the thickness of the patio base, and the finish. In addition, there needs to be an understanding of the grade of the land as well as where to strategically place the contraction joints so that the cracks that are inevitable will happen in the joints.

Paver patios have gained in popularity each and every year in North Carolina and South Carolina. We see a high demand in Huntersville as well as Fort Mill. These are great in that most are moderately priced, will not crack, and come in a variety of colors. If the appropriate base is not constructed, there will be weeds that grow from beneath and if cheap sand is used, it will all wash away. Consult a professional for a long lasting paver patio.


Travertine pavers are popular these days in the Ballantyne, NC as well as Waxhaw< NC areas and into south Charlotte. This substrate offers the look of tile while being much more slip resistant. They come in a variety of colors and are just slightly more expensive than pavers. If you get a professional to install French Pattern Travertine, you will love the character of the patio based on the variety of sizes.


Finally, flagstone patios are the high end of the price spectrum. These are irregular shaped flat stone laid either in concrete or crushed stone and sand. They come in a variety of colors and are best known for their beautiful appearance.

Call Archadeck of Charlotte to schedule your free design consultation at (704) 944-1350 or email us at charlotte@archadeck.net.

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