Can you build a patio/ deck in the winter in Charlotte, NC?

We are often asked if you can build a patio or deck in the winter in Charlotte, NC?

The answer is yes! We build year around here with few exceptions. Like anything else, if the weather is below freezing (a rare occurrence during the day here), we would most likely hold off on the patio for sure. A deck can be built in cold weather and the important consideration is the spacing between the boards is different when built in the winter versus the summer for expansion and contraction reasons.


We often are back logged from 2 – 3 months depending on the season so our work progresses year around. If you want your project ready for the spring, you would want to get on the calendar ASAP to insure it could be ready. Do not hesitate to have projects constructed in the winter as we have been doing them successfully for over 28 years now! To see a great photo gallery of outdoor living spaces like the ones above, go to


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