Why does YELP hide reviews on deck builders?

It is quite perplexing and there are no straight answers to the question, “Why does Yelp hide reviews on deck builders?”

We one of the oldest and most respected deck, porch, and patio builders in the country. Yesterday’s primary referral source was “word of mouth” and today that equates to on-line reviews. These reviews and the various companies that post them can be misleading, manipulated, and confusing.

Yelp is one of the companies that posts on-line reviews (seems like mostly disgruntled people are attracted to taking the time to post these as I read various company reviews). Our company is only showing 5 reviews from this web site? This is SO MISLEADING as we actually have many, many reviews that they choose not to show unless you dig deep into the site to find them. Why is this? When we ask the representative, the answer is “the person who writes the review has to credible?” or have written more than one review. We have several customers who have “Yelper” before but for whatever reason, the company chooses mostly the negative reviews to show, even when the “Yelper” had not written in prior. Why is this? The only reason we can gather is that we do not advertise with Yelp. In fact, we were told by a representative that the reviews that are positive could be shown on the search engine easily if we wanted to work with them. What? Does this sound like pay to play? The Better Business Bureau (BBB) shows all reviews, good or bad, whether they have ever reveiwed before or not. Our reviews are over 60 individual reviews and a 4.9/5 and show what kind of company we truly run.

We are extremely proud of our company and this type of practice is quite hurtful. There have been several law suits brought against the company for slander and each case (including being appealed by Yelp to the Supreme Court), they can plead freedom of speech. Imagine the harm this practice could do to a company?



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