How do I know if my deck can be repaired or needs replaced? Is my deck safe?

Decks can be viewed two distinctly different ways. One, a place for entertainment, relaxation, and beauty. The second, a way to exit the back of your home without having to immediately walk down steps and is strictly functional.

In either case, the safety of your deck is paramount. In almost all cases, decks are elevated off grade and pose a safety threat if they are improperly built or simply begin to rot. Decks need consistent maintenance to maintain their safety to include sealing and checking the sub-structure.

To determine if your deck can simply be repaired versus replaced, it is recommended to have a professional inspect in at least every 3 years. Some of the key areas to inspect include looking at the attachment from underneath the deck where it’s attached to the house.  In addition, the joists where they meet the ledger board and where they are attached to the perimeter band.

The rail is another important safety check. If your deck is elevated for than 30″ from grade, it is a requirement to have a 36″ tall rail. Check the attachment strength of the rail and that it does not have too much give to it. People tend to lean against rails and there are many reported rail collapses in this past year alone! To protect against potential safety issues, contact a professional who is licensed and specializes in decks. If you are in the Carolina’s, go to


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