Want to extend your patio? Can it match?

Patio extensions are more and more common. What happens is people’s lifestyles change and they want larger spaces whether it’s to accommodate more furniture, features such as fire pits, or simply entertain more outdoors.

The challenges vary by the type of patio material that is already in place as to effective the extension will be. We can start with concrete. Even though you plan on expanding the concrete, even it weathers. In addition, you have different finishes from brushed to smooth. One way to make your concrete patio extension look uniform is to use a solid stain over both the new and existing concrete!

Paver patio’s also weather. Once solution my be to pick up some of the existing pavers and mix them in with the new batch to make it more uniform. The other item to be aware of with pavers is the change in grade to where the extension is desired as retaining wall may be required.


Travertine patio’s are very easy to extend as they have minimal fade and are a more natural stone. They also are larger sizes and the labor to blend in would be less that pavers!

Flagstone patio’s would also be fairly simple to expand and color fade should not be a challenge as again the flagstones are a natural material!

Another possibility for concrete patios is to do a “concrete overlay” over the existing patio and then make the extension a comparable thickness and this way the entire patio appears to be have been laid at once. This requires a minimum of a 3″ overlay. To see patio designs, go to archadeckofcharlotte.com



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