Price per square foot to lay pavers

What should I expect to pay per square foot to lay pavers in Charlotte, NC?

Let’s start with the grade of the land. The steeper the grade, the higher the cost. This can require but is not limited to fill dirt, more crushed stone and aggregate, retaining wall block, etc…

Next, the size of the patio matters when it comes to price per square foot. The larger the patio, the cost per square foot may come down due to efficiencies in labor. When you have a small patio, the same things need to happen and the labor needs to make a minimum amount to make it worthwhile.

The substrate or material type also affects the price per square foot. Paver patios are made by various manufacturers with different price points from companies such as Belgard or Pavestone. The patterns may also affect labor costs.

When you think about having a paver patio designed-and-build by a professional patio company, the price per square foot should come in between $14 – $25 per square foot.

If you are considering adding a patio to your Charlotte-area home, give us a call for a free consultation at (704) 944 – 1350. Take a look at some great Charlotte paver patio pictures on our paver patio photo gallery.  Also enjoy perusing our stone patio photo gallery.

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