What are the problems today with Trex decks?

Through out the years of composite decking, there have been numerous problems with quality and customer satisfaction. Trex composite decking is far and away the best known brand in the category and had its share of challenges early on.

Archadeck of Charlotte built this Trex Transcends Spice Rum composite deck with a composite bench and stone fire pit that is gas burning

Archadeck of Charlotte built this Trex Transcends Spice Rum composite deck with a composite bench and stone fire pit that is gas burning


Trex developed a newer version with enhanced technology to address the common issues found with most composite decking.

What problems are there still with today’s Trex? Next to none! We have installed over  a $5mm in Trex decking in the past few years and have not had call backs. The product they refer to as Trex Transcends has a protective cap stock that prevents fading, scratching, and even staining from occurring. They even provide a 25-year warranty against these issues now.

Timber Tech Earthwoods Teak composite deck and Black Radiance Composite Rail

Archadeck of Charlotte custom designed and built this TimberTech Earthwoods Teak Composite deck and Black Radiance Rail


At Archadeck of Charlotte, we could not be more please with the product quality and aesthetics of the product. For all of the negative publicity the category has received over the years, the product enhancements are remarkable and dependable. As a Trex Pro Platinum installer, go to archadeckofcharlotte.com for a great photo gallery of outdoor living spaces.

Do Trex decks stain or mildew? Do Trex decks fade?

There is a lot of bad history and bad press out there on – line. If you don’t know what you are really looking at, it can be very misleading.

Trex is the originator of the composite deck industry and in fact, the original product did have these issues. The product faded relatively quickly. It was easy to stain with the spill of any oil based product. Mildew grew easily due to the porous nature of the design.

Along came the invention of Trex Transcends. This was a vast improvement of the original products that solved the major problems consumers complained about. By engineering a cap stock over the original core of the product, the product now has a 25-year fade warranty in addition to protection from staining. The product is so superior that in the previous 7 years, we literally have no callbacks on Trex. So when you do your research on Trex, make sure you are looking at the Trex Transcends!

Click here to see a complete photo gallery from a Platinum Pro Trex Contractor,

Learn more about Trex decks in Charlotte on our Trex web page.


Are people building more wood decks or Trex decks today?

Like everything else in life, people want to know the latest trends. Are people building more with pressure-treated wood or composite decking like Trex?

Each year we are building more and more composite decks here in Charlotte, NC. The drivers remain the same, low-maintenance and long lasting investment. We have people moving here from the north all the time who have already had Trex decks and can’t imagine going back to wood.

The only two reasons people select wood decks are a much lower price point or if they just love the feel of real wood. The older objection from composite decking was that is looked like “fake wood”. With all of the technology enhancements, Trex has been able to replicate a real wood grain with a variety of warm colors that appear to be everything from a stained deck to a real Brazilian Hardwood deck.

We are building about 50% with Trex decking this year. The category is only about 20 years old so the increase has been dramatic. To see the most complete Trex photo gallery, visit our Charlotte Trex decks photo gallery.

How do I know if my deck can be repaired or needs replaced? Is my deck safe?

Decks can be viewed two distinctly different ways. One, a place for entertainment, relaxation, and beauty. The second, a way to exit the back of your home without having to immediately walk down steps and is strictly functional.

In either case, the safety of your deck is paramount. In almost all cases, decks are elevated off grade and pose a safety threat if they are improperly built or simply begin to rot. Decks need consistent maintenance to maintain their safety to include sealing and checking the sub-structure.

To determine if your deck can simply be repaired versus replaced, it is recommended to have a professional inspect in at least every 3 years. Some of the key areas to inspect include looking at the attachment from underneath the deck where it’s attached to the house.  In addition, the joists where they meet the ledger board and where they are attached to the perimeter band.

The rail is another important safety check. If your deck is elevated for than 30″ from grade, it is a requirement to have a 36″ tall rail. Check the attachment strength of the rail and that it does not have too much give to it. People tend to lean against rails and there are many reported rail collapses in this past year alone! To protect against potential safety issues, contact a professional who is licensed and specializes in decks. If you are in the Carolina’s, go to archadeckofcharlotte.com


How should I design my deck steps?

Stairways leading from decks to grade can be viewed 2 different ways. One is simply to get from Point A to Point B with comfortable accessibility. The other is to design the stairway to offer architectural flair or make them welcoming and grand!

At Archadeck of Charlotte, we have been designing and building decks for nearly 30 years in the Carolina’s. When your deck is low to the ground, you can do more interesting designs like the ones above as they do not take up a tremendous amount of space since there few steps needed.


Casuwel Outdoor Furiture is the most comfortable and complete line of all weather furnishings available through Archadeck of Charlotte

Casuwel Outdoor Furniture is the most comfortable and complete line of all-weather furnishings available through Archadeck of Charlotte

By trying to make several steps more dramatic, you can see from the photo above how much space the steps can chew up on your patio or ground! To see a wide array of deck design ideas, visit archadeckofcharlotte.com


What are the latest decking trends?

Archadeck of Charlotte is one of the largest design/ build firms for outdoor living in the  USA. As the largest of the over 50 Archadeck franchises in the country, we have built over 23,000 jobs over the past 28 years in the Carolinas.

Like anything else, things change over time. What are the latest decking trends? There is a continued push to low-maintenance materials such as Trex Transcends composite deck and rail, Travertine stone decks, Flagstone raised patios, etc….

We are seeing a big push for picture framing decks with accent colors and materials. People are looking more and more to make their outdoor living space more than just a deck. They prefer an integrated outdoor living oasis. Decks are a big part of this, specifically for homes that are built on crawl spaces as homeowners do not want to negotiate steps right out their back door.


When we design decks today, people want outdoor kitchens that are conveniently built right on the deck such as the one shown above. They love fire features such as this wood burning outdoor fireplace built into the ground and up to the surface of the deck, wonderful for entertaining! The travertine tile deck above is both elegant and easy on the feet.

To find a complete photo gallery of deck trends, go to charlotte.archadeck.com


What are my options for lighting my deck or patio outdoor living spaces?

With the advent of moving from the inside to outdoor living, one detail that often gets overlooked is lighting!

What options are there for lighting your deck, patio, or porch? There are many and we begin the design process by asking some basic questions. Are you looking for ambient light or bright light? Is this for safety, function, beauty, or a combination?

wood deck with hot tub and low voltage deck lights

outdoor living room with custom deck and hot tub

Would you like your lights concealed or is surface mount acceptable? At Archadeck of Charlotte, we love designing outdoor spaces and we include all of the amenities and accessories in our designs that most never think of!

The best way to design lighting is to do so at night. It is great to experiment with different locations and power wattage to understand what you are truly investing in. We have a wonderful showroom at 2311 Village Lake Drive in Charlotte, NC where you can come see various fixtures as well as receive an education on deck, patio, and porch lighting.

Some lighting may be less obvious, such as rope lighting designed inside of crown molding to create an ambient light on your porch ceiling! Call Archadeck of Charlotte at (704) 944-1350 or email us at charlotte@archadeck.net or simply visit our website to view more outdoor living space.


Rustic covered patio with exposed rafters and an outdoor fireplace with stone on columns by Archadeck of Charlotte

Rustic covered patio with exposed rafters and an outdoor fireplace with stone on columns by Archadeck of Charlotte