Charlotte Outdoor Living Infused with Luxury and Practicality

Outdoor living in four distinct areas, wrought with high style and functionality by Archadeck of Charlotte.

Outdoor living means different things to different folks.  These homeowners meant to take every possible opportunity to be outdoors, whether in the open-air areas, or inside the protection of the screened porch.  This luxurious Charlotte screened porch, deck, and patio combination will keep these homeowners outdoors for many a day and many a purpose.  Whether private relaxation or entertaining is on the agenda, Archadeck of Charlotte has provided many ways for them to draw full enjoyment and use out of their gorgeous outdoor living space.

Charlotte outdoor kitchen travertine patio

Increase your time outdoors with a screened porch and Charlotte outdoor fireplace.

The Charlotte area climate lends itself to plenty of outdoor living time each year, and these homeowners worked with Archadeck of Charlotte to capitalize on milder “out-of-season” temperatures with a screened porch, complete with outdoor fireplace.  This custom outdoor fireplace with stone façade will facilitate warmth and ambiance as cooler temperatures move into our area this fall.  Notice how well the stone façade of outdoor kitchen unit and fireplace cohesively bind the deck and screened porch areas!  Speaking of the kitchen area, the cook will not be left out of the occasion when duty calls.  With a custom bench for friends and family built alongside, the grill master elect will enjoy their time working.

Cook, soak up the sun, and enjoy a conversation with loved ones on your Charlotte deck and patio!

This beautiful Charlotte outdoor living space not only offers many options for entertaining and leisure, but the variety of building materials really set it apart, giving it a truly custom aesthetic.  These homeowners will enjoy the low-maintenance advantages of their new elevated Trex deck.  The deck and fascia material are Trex Transcend Island Mist, which gives a weathered appearance, playing in perfect complement to the darker deck skirting in Trex Transcend Vintage Lantern.  Vintage Lantern is a perfect match to the exterior of the screened porch.  The custom mix of colors, textures, and patters truly set this deck apart!

Charlotte outdoor living trex island mist deck

The custom travertine tile patio provides a beautiful and organic staging area for comfortable patio furniture.  The patio will provide an area for conversation with friends and family, or a private spot of respite.  Imagine a cool fall morning with coffee or tea in-hand, or a starlit evening with a glass of wine!  Patios are fantastic transitional areas and might be staged for conversation or even eat-on spaces when entertaining.

The beautiful array of colors, patterns, and materials all work in harmony with the home’s original brick façade.  Each element – the brick, stone, travertine, and Trex decking materials – lends the whole a feeling of unconventional luxury.  Archadeck of Charlotte can help choose materials for your outdoor living space that will bring an air of custom style with choice low-maintenance and natural stone elements to best suit your design tastes, home, and lifestyle.

If you are looking for luxurious Charlotte outdoor living ideas that will allow you more time outdoors with family and friends, give us a call for a free design consultation at (704) 944-1350 or email us and a Design Consultant will contact you promptly.

What is the average size for a deck?

What is the average size of a deck? We get asked this quite often and this question raises more questions.

If you define “average” by the deck most people get when they buy a home, you would get an answer of somewhere between a 10′ x 12′ and 12′ x 16′ as these are the most popular sizes that builders include on houses with crawl spaces.

Trex Transcends composite deck with a hot tub recessed onto a cement pad and composite beching for the ideal

Trex Transcends composite deck with a hot tub recessed onto a cement pad and composite beching for the ideal relaxing backyard!

Most decks are actually enlarged or built after a homeowner takes occupancy to fit their needs. This is where the appropriate questions come in. How many people will typically occupy the deck on any given weekend? How many people live in the house? What are your outdoor living lifestyle preferences? What other amenities will there need to be space for on your deck? Will you place a grill, a hot tub, a water feature, a fire feature? What about outdoor furniture? Will you plan on eating meals and therefore need to consider the  shape and size of your table?

Trex Transcends deck and rail with vertical deck skirting and an outdoor kitchen by Archadeck of Charlotte

Trex Transcends deck and rail with vertical deck skirting and an outdoor kitchen by Archadeck of Charlotte

These are the questions that should be answered rather than what is the average size deck! We are professional design/ build consultants that can help you design your deck by giving you all of the considerations. For more information, you can go to


If you want the best education on Trex composite decking, see our Trex page and Trex YouTube Channel

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built this Trex Transcends composite deck and rail with architectural steps

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built this Trex Transcends composite deck and rail with architectural steps

Archadeck of Charlotte has been designing and building Trex composite decks for over 18 years! We have so much knowledge and experience with the product that we developed an exclusive page just for Trex information and for our Trex YouTube video playlist on our channel!

We have dedicated an entire space in our web site to a photo gallery, design ideas, and learning we share from our 26 years experience with decks in Charlotte, NC. The You Tube channel has a vast array of designs and color choices for Trex Transcends composite decks and rail.

We even utilize Trex for things like outdoor showers, benches, walkways, porch walls, pergolas, and screen porch trim detail.

Trex Transcends deck and rail with vertical deck skirting and an outdoor kitchen by Archadeck of Charlotte

Trex Transcends deck and rail with vertical deck skirting and an outdoor kitchen by Archadeck of Charlotte

Today’s decks are anything but square…deck design ideas

Unique deck with multiple levels and an outdoor fireplace in South Charlotte by Archadeck

Unique deck with multiple levels and an outdoor fireplace in South Charlotte by Archadeck

Trex Composite dekcing installed by Archadeck of Charlotte

Trex Transcends composite deck and fascia in Charlotte, NC

Like most outdoor living spaces, decks have gone through an evolutionary change. Gone are the days of square and rectangular decks. At a minimum, people want corners that are on a 45 degree cut. That’s just the beginning! As people have moved from inside the home to outdoors, they want unique deck design features.

At Archadeck of Charlotte, we began seeing this evolution about 7 years ago and it has accelerated. People are looking at multi-level decks as creating areas of interest, even if it’s just one-step down or elevated. There are wonderful spaces being designed into the deck that create family or small group gatherings with comfortable benches and furniture. Deck boards are being installed in multiple directions to create more visual interest. Deck boards are being installed as a picture frame around the entire deck and stained in a different color much like a beautiful photograph.

Trex, the leading manufacturer of composite decking sends out wonderful design ideas from their multitude of professional installers that is a frequent reference guide.We are seeing outdoor fireplaces being installed on and next to decks, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and even Green Eggs in built-ins.

Deck designs are so unique that movie sets are looking for ways to glamorize their scenes with unique outdoor spaces. In many ways, living outdoors has become the vogue. For great deck designs, go to

What are the best options for pool decks and spa decks?

wood deck with hot tub and low voltage deck lights

outdoor living room with custom deck and hot tub

Pool decks and spa decks are growing in popularity once again as our economy heats up. At Archadeck of Charlotte we have seen a large increase in demand, in particular for hot tub/ spa decks. 

The options are many but they are easily narrowed down by your particular circumstances and wants. Materials range from natural woods, stone, and concrete to synthetic materials such a “Cool Deck” and composite materials such as Trex Composite Decking and Railing.

If you want your pool or spa deck to be low maintenance, Trex or other synthetic materials are ideal! If you are looking to keep the costs down, a concrete slab or pressure-treated wood deck are going to be viable options. 

What is most helpful if to contact a professional deck builder and deck designer who can walk you through not only the material options but the options for the deck height for the most functional way to design the access in and out of the hot tub or pool. To see great hot tub deck designs and pool deck designs, go to  

How do I know if I have to replace my deck or I can use the existing structure and simply replace the boards?

How do you know when your deck needs to be replaced completely versus simply replacing the deck boards and rail? Experience tells us the life expectancy of the wood structure is somewhere betweeen 20 – 30 years depending on how it was constructed and maintained.

Once your deck hits the 20 year mark, it would be a good time to have a professional come out and assess the wood itself, the method in which it was fastened, and the supports that carry the load. There are certain conditions that can determine the longevity of the deck such as the soil and the grade of the land. Soil and erode over time and the footings can be exposed which makes the integrity of the structure weaken considerably.

Wood decks need to be sealed either with paint or stain to keep it from the harsh weathering of the sun. In addition, building codes change every 2 – 4 years on how decks are to be constructed and fastened. There are times that simple enhancements can be made to your existing deck to bring it up to the current building codes for safety concerns.

To gather more information, go to  or call 704-944-1350 and ask about a free deck safety inspection.


What are my options for a covered patio/ dry deck?

outdoor fireplace charlotte, outdoor kitchen charlotte, open porch, stone patio

Stone Outdoor Fireplace in Charlotte on patio in porch

What options are there to create a covered patio or create a dry space under your deck? There are several that are on the market now but few that are effective. Archadeck of Charlotte has been designing and building decks, porches, and covered patios for over 25 years and has a lot of experience with the various manufactured and man made systems.

A traditional “man-made” system still seems to be the most effective and give you the most finished look. This consists of taking plywood and using a rubber membrane to make it water tight and flashing. You must then take “”sleepers”” and adhere them to the membrane. Then you screw your decking into the sleepers. The primary disadvantage of this system is you cannot do it as a retrofit unless you are planning on replacing the existing deck boards. You can then finish the ceiling below with a beautiful beadboard and stain or paint it.

There are a few manufactured systems such as Rain Escapes from Trex that is an an under-deck system that they heavily market to collect rail and then direct it to an aluminum gutter and downspout.

Undercover Systems is a powder-coated aluminum system that does keep things dry but can be on the high end of the price spectrum.

There is also a vinyl system on the market called Dry Deck but we have found it tends to leak at the house wall if you don’t do a lot of work to keep that from happening.

In all, for the price and appearance, we still find the rubber membrane to be the best solution. To see many photos and design ideas, go to