Rustic chic screen’s designs

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built this gazebo style screen porch with Cabot Stain

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built this gazebo style screen porch with Cabot Stain

There is a real demand for designing screen porches with a rustic chic flare. We see different trends come and go but this idea of rustic chic has been there for awhile and the demand is picking up steam. If you really think about all that goes into a screen porch, you realize how many elements effect the aesthetics and overall architectural appeal.

We start with the construction and trim. The materials you choose for your flooring, columns, and ceiling all influence the appeal. In Charlotte, NC we see some exposed rafters up in the ceiling. We see dark, warm stains being used on the columns and floor.

Then think about trim detail. How do finish off the screen and the attaching mechanisms? How about the bottom and the top of the screen porch? For a great photo gallery of screen porch designs, go to

How do I choose the correct paint or stain color for my screen porch or covered patio?

Screen Porch by Archadeck of Charlotte with outdoor fireplace and pergola

Screen Porch by Archadeck of Charlotte with outdoor fireplace and pergola

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built this gazebo style screen porch with Cabot Stain

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built this gazebo style screen porch with Cabot Stain

How would I go about choosing the appropriate paint and/or stain color for my screen porch? We have 25 years experience at Archadeck of Charlotte designing and building screen porches and covered patios.

The first thing we look at is the existing trim color of the home. Is this a color you are going to stay with? If so, it makes sense to paint the porch columns the same color and the house trim to make it appear as if the porch came with the house and was not an after thought!

Secondly, what look are you going for in your outdoor living space? Do you prefer a more rustic porch? Are you looking to have a soothing or uplifting ceiling? Dark stains are quite in vogue today and give a deep and rich feeling to the room.

Finally, think about maintenance considerations. Generally speaking, stain is going to be lower maintenance than paint and does not show dirt as readily! To get great color ideas for your screen porch, go to



What is the difference between a 3-Season Room and a 4-Season Room?

What is the difference between a 3-season room and 4-season room? While there are many differences in features and cost, the function can be similar depending on the climate you live in.

When you live in the Carolina’s (Charlotte, NC), the climate is rarely extremely cold and when it is extremely hot, a roof takes a lot of the bite out of the heat. A 4-season room would typically be additional heated living area (HLA) and have air conditioning as well. By most building codes, this also requires that a remodeling contractor insulate the ceiling, walls, and floors. It also makes it necessary to do a termite treatment, install a vapor barrier, temper any glass that is too close to the floor or doors, etc… All of these requirements drive up the cost to perhaps $150 – $200 per square foot depending on how large the space is and how many features you want included in the construction. ImageWhen we talk about 3-season rooms, we are typically talking about a screen porch or a porch with retractable windows like EZE Breeze. This is the consummate outdoor living room concept that still gives you the feeling of being outside and inside and the same time. These rooms can run from Imageanywhere from $50 – $75 per square foot again depending on the materials and size specifications.

So to recap the differences between the 3-season and 4-season room, there is a large price difference, feature difference, but if you live in a temperate climate, the functionality can be very similar!  To gain more ideas, visit to see hundreds of photos!

Ceilings for screen porches including tongue and groove

When we get asked for professional advise on screen porches, one of the least thought of areas is the ceiling. It is surprising since it is one of the most visible areas and can dramatically change the look and feel of the room.

Archadeck of Charlotte has designed and build thousands of screen porches over the past 24 years and some of the best looks include tongue and groove and even coffered ceilings.

Screen porch by Archadeck of Charlotte with cofered ceiling and can lights

Screen porch with coffered ceiling in Waxhaw, NC

Ceilings are most often designed and built with ply bead material which is plywood based and comes in 4×8 sheets and then trimmed with lattice trim into the porch ceiling.Tongue and groove ceilings eliminate the lattice trim and are a more true beadboard. The cost of the the ply bead is substantially less and is a key driver as to why most people opt for it. The coffered ceiling can drive the cost up anywhere from $1,000 – $1,500 depending on the size and intricacy of the trim detail.To see many more screen porch and covered patio ceilings, go to

Can you put an outdoor fireplace in an existing screen porch? Yes!

Outdoor fireplaces are all the craze and one of the most searched for outdoor living products. Screen porches have become the outdoor living area of choice for most. Combining an outdoor fireplace and integrating it into a screen porch is the ultimate outdoor living area and widely desired. The question we get asked at Archadeck of Charlotte is can you build an outdoor fireplace into an existing screen porch?

Travertine tile screen porch with stone outdoor fireplace

Screen Porch with integrated outdoor fireplace and outdoor TV and tile on screen porch by Archadeck of Charlotte

We are absolutely able to integrate a stone or brick outdoor fireplace into an existing screen porch with a combination of carpenters and masons and it is surprisingly affordable.  The entire project can take less than 2 weeks. The fireplace can be gas or wood burning. To see the most extensive photo gallery on outdoor fireplaces, go to

Ultimate Outdoor Living Area design concepts and ideas

Archadeck of Charlotte has been designing and building outdoor living spaces for over 24 years now. The outdoor living space has been redefined in recent years and the concepts and ideas are endless. Consumers are looking to extend their homes to the outdoors more and more and it is no longer just a nice deck or patio.

Travertine patio in Charlotte with outdoor fireplace by Archadeck

Archadeck of Charlotte outdoor fireplace, travertine patio, and stone sitting walls

Today’s trends are centered around 4 areas: shade, fire, cooking, and water.  Home entertaining is more and more popular as people don’t want to drink and drive, they avoid the expense of restaurants, vacations, or just love the idea of escaping in their own backyard.

   Shade structures are an important part of outdoor living. Screen porches are largely popular in Charlotte as they provide refuge from the sun and insects. Other solutions include covered patio’s, pergola’s, and retractable awnings.

    Whether it’s a stone outdoor fireplace or stone fire pit, the fire features are still growing in popularity. It is not just the idea of providing heat, it is a visual focal point and great gathering area for friends and family.

   Outdoor kitchens are growing every year in popularity. People are no longer satisfied with just a grill. Most common additions include a refrigerator, a sink, a smoker, and side burner.

     Water features can be a hot tub, spa, pond, or water fall to create soothing noise. Water features are mostly about ambiance and beauty.

Travertine tile screen porch with stone outdoor fireplace

Screen Porch with integrated outdoor fireplace and outdoor TV and tile on screen porch

The latest trend is outdoor showers and bathrooms. Archadeck is seeing an large increase in demand especially in backyards equipped with pools, hot tubs, or a lakefront property. To view the latest in outdoor livng design concepts and ideas, go to

Outdoor Kitchen cooking demo at Archadeck 2/18/12 and Open House

archadeck charlotte pergola screened room

Archadeck charlotte pergola and screened room

Archadeck of Charlotte and Value Remodelers are hosting an Open House this coming Saturday 2/18/12 from 9am – 5pm at 2311 Village Lake Drive in Charlotte right off of Independence Boulevard.

There is going to be a live cooking demonstration on an outdoor kitchen at their exterior outdoor living showroom. Food and beverage is FREE. See the latest in outdoor kitchens, a stone pizza oven, composite decks, wood decks, various rail designs, paver and stone patio’s, screen porches, outdoor stone fireplaces and fire pits, and more.

In addition, connected to the exterior outdoor living show room in Value Remodelers kitchen and bath showroom where you can get great remodeling ideas for your home in the Charlotte market!

Charlotte bathroom remodeling by Value Remodelers and Handyman Services with frameless glass

Charlotte bathroom remodeling Archadeck of Charlotte

Don’t miss one day savings, drawings, great food, and more on Saturday. For more information, call 704-944-1350 or go to or