Best Patio Surfaces in Charlotte, NC

What are the best patio surfaces if you are living in Charlotte, NC? It depends on what you will be using the patio for!


The most traditional surface is concrete. It is still the standard for track builders to provide a small “slab” outside the rear exit door of a home. The advantages are lower cost, low maintenance, and ease of installation. The disadvantages are primarily the propensity to crack and poor aesthetics. Stamped concrete improves the aesthetics, raises the cost, but does not address the cracking.


Flagstone is a popular surface for it’s aesthetics and is often found in high end neighborhoods. The advantages are the beauty and low maintenance, the disadvantages are the very high cost and will still crack over time.


Paver patios are the most popular surface in Charlotte. They combine the reasonable price point with good aesthetics. People believe that weeds can grow up in between the  pavers (which normally happens only when an amateur constructs the patio and does not add enough base or seeds fall from above and grow in the poly sand). They come in a variety of colors and sizes.


Finally, Travertine patios have been the fastest growing segment of the market here in Charlotte. They have tighter lines than traditional paves with less chance of weeds growing in between in the sand. In addition, the look resembles a tile and in fact can be purchased as a tile for applications directly over concrete on decks. The price point is slightly higher than pavers.

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Advantages of Travertine versus paver patio?

The  two most common patio materials that are used by professionals today in the Charlotte, NC market are pavers and travertine. The question we are often asked is to compare the two?




  1. Larger tile like shapes
  2. Closer seams so limited room for dirt or weeds
  3. finished clean look
  4. slightly higher priced



  1. Multiple patterns and shapes
  2. tend to fade from sun
  3. slightly lower priced
  4. installed with sand in between where weeds can grow from the top


Both products are widely accepted in the market and hold up well over time. The key to any patio installation is the proper base and preparation with an eye towards drainage. For more information, go to

I’m getting weeds up from my paver patio

There is a lot of misinformation around weeds and patios.

When a patio is constructed properly, weeds are not going to grow up from underneath and through the patio. There is typically a 4 – 6″ base of crushed stone and screening that is used and it is tamped down to make a solid base. A best practice would be to use a polymeric sand to spread in between the pavers and allow it to harden.

If the correct protocol is followed, weeds will not grow from underneath the patio. What can and will happen is weeds growing from seedlings that get blown onto the top of the patio either by wind, trees, or mowing. This is far different and much easier to maintain than weeds that are rooted below.

It is a common misconception and knock against pavers that weeds grow from below. When built properly, this is not the case! To find out more about patios and outdoor living spaces, go to

How do I expand my patio?

Expanding your patio seems like a no-brainer, right? Here are a few small tips in this blog that you should consider prior to tackling this project:

What is the current slope of the patio? It is most likely sloped away from the house to allow for proper drainage. If you are expanding your patio further away from the house, you will have to grade appropriately so you do not create an area where water will sit due to a grade change.

How is the edge of your patio finished? Is there a border around it? Are there full pieces or cut edges. There needs to be some thought as to how to properly blend in the extension so it appears to built as part of the original design.

Archadeck of charlotte outdoor show place

Archadeck of Charlotte outdoor show place

How old is the existing patio? Has the color faded or is it stained? Perhaps consider combining a different substrate rather than trying to match! To get wonderful patio design ideas, visit our paver patio photo gallery or our stone patio photo gallery. Are you thinking about adding some amenities to your patio? Take a look at our fire features photo gallery.


What are my choices for pool decks?

There is a wide variety of choices when it comes to pool decks. Let’ start with the definition of a pool deck? A pool deck can be wooden deck structure that surrounds an above ground pool that has either wood or composite deck boards as a surface.  These are quite popular with above ground pools as you can hide the piping and pool equipment easily while provide access doors around the perimeter to get to the equipment when needed.

Pool decks can also be defined by a masonry product that surrounds a pool. These have evolved over the years as people are looking for low maintenance solutions, higher aesthetics, cool surfaces, and non-slip surfaces. By nature, pool decks are not inexpensive and they are not always best provided by the pool builder.

Concrete has long been a relatively affordable pool deck substrate. The concern with it is that it will crack. In addition, it not as aesthetically pleasing as some other surfaces. A product called “Cool Deck” is a masonry substrate that is best known for keeping your feet cool on hot summer days. These are still known to crack at times.

Pavers are being used as pool decks these days. They are aesthetically pleasing although certainly more expensive than concrete. A beautiful alternative is Travertine tile! These come in a variety of colors and patterns and are not much more than the cost of pavers. There are very popular in the Charlotte market! To see a complete photo gallery and design ideas for pool decks, simply go to

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built the herringbone pattern pool deck with brick pavers

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built the herringbone pattern pool deck with brick pavers

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built this Travertine tile pool deck as well as the stone outdoor fireplace in Waxhaw, NC

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built this Travertine tile pool deck as well as the stone outdoor fireplace in Waxhaw, NC