Affordable Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Complete shower, bath tub, flooring, and cabinet remodel by Value Remodelers

Value Remodelers, an Archadeck of Charlotte company completely remodeled this bathroom

Here are some great affordable bathroom remodeling ideas whether you want to gut your bathroom and start over or simply upgrade and enhance small parts of it on a budget!

Let’s start with your large existing Jacuzzi bath tub. These have grown less popular with the aging population as they are difficult to get in and out of and take up a lot of space in the bathroom itself. People are more often than not opting to have the Jacuzzi tub removed and either purchase a soaking tub that is free standing or simply enlarge the shower and not have a tub in the master bathroom at all!

Bathroom flooring is an often debated area. Traditionally, you will find people upgrading their floors to larger tiles with thin grout lines for less maintenance. You can find some wonderful design ideas that people have submitted to an on-line home remodeling gallery called Houzz and then go to a local bathroom remodeling web site for more design ideas like ours, Value Remodelers and Handyman Services. While many people are on a budget, there are very attractive linoleum products and even synthetic hardwoods that are available.

Showers have undergone the most dramatic changes these days. People want more space, more shower heads, more body sprays, benches, lighting, sound, and niches for storage. The old days of the plastic shower floors and gone and people have gone to decorative smaller tiles for the flooring. They are integrating small glass tiles in rows between the larger shower wall tiles. It is now common to find “pony walls” to break up the amount of glass being uses on the enclosures. Finally, we are seeing frameless glass the most popular shower enclosure being selected. To get great visual ideas, go to

Top 10 home repairs/remodeling projects that are done to improve the home value in Charlotte market area

Kitchen remodeler Charlotte

Totally remodeled kitchen by Value Remodelers and Handyman Services in Charlotte, NC

Value Remodelers and Handyman Services is a fully licensed and insured remodeling organization that is an Archadeck of Charlotte company. In reviewing the Top 10 home repair/ remodeling projects that their customers find add the most value to the home, we have decided to publish these:

1. Update Master Bathroom

2. Update front entry door

3. Replace rotten wood around windows and doors

4. Update Kitchen counter tops and cabinets

5. Add stone features to interior fireplace, back splashes, and islands

6. Replace outdated lighting fixtures and upgrade to LED bulbs

7. Tear out carpeting and replace with hardwoods

8. Add heated living space for in-laws suite

9. Make bathrooms upgraded for “aging in place” and handicap accessible

10. Replace windows with energy efficient vinyl replacement windows

Remodeling Magazine publishes similar lists and it is interesting to see the overlap between Charlotte, NC and the national scene!

To see a great photo gallery of home remodeling projects, go to

What is the consumer’s responsibility to a contractor?

What is the consumer’s responsibility to a contractor? The question is normally the other way around! That being said, like any relationship you enter into, there are mutual obligations.

One, do your homework prior to hiring any contractor. Make sure they have the appropriate experience, references, time in business, insurances, licenses, and inspect their work in more than one scenario. Number two, make sure that EVERYTHING is in writing on the details of the work to be performed. If it is not, “implied” or what you were thinking may not happen! Thirdly, be available for questions. There are often gray areas when it comes to aesthetics on what you may want and how it will be finished. Make sure the contractor has easy ways to communicate with you.

One of the primary obligations a consumer has to a contractor is paying your bill on time. There is consistent pressure exerted on the contractor to be timely and on schedule. The homeowner has the same obligation to uphold their end of the contract.

When both parties act responsibly, the outcome is generally positive! For more information on a professional contractor in Charlotte, NC …go to or

Looking to build a deck in Charlotte?

Are you looking to build a deck in Charlotte? Here are some tips from the largest single deck builder in the Carolinas?Image

First, do your research! Go and look at at least 3 – 4 decks that the deck builder has done NEAR your home. This will insure he knows the local building codes, the landscape of the area, and you can find out how the experience was with the homeowner’s. Secondly, think about materials you may want to use on the deck. Whether you want the authentic look of a real wood deck, the low-maintenance of a composite deck like Trex, or the exquisite beauty of a Brazilian hardwood material such as Ipe.

Charlotte deck building continues to expand into alternative designs and elevations. It is now common to see multi-level decks, decks with built in outdoor kitchens and fire features, and deck lighting is more popular than ever! When you look to build a deck in Charlotte, check out the following web site for great deck photo’s:

What is the difference between a 3-Season Room and a 4-Season Room?

What is the difference between a 3-season room and 4-season room? While there are many differences in features and cost, the function can be similar depending on the climate you live in.

When you live in the Carolina’s (Charlotte, NC), the climate is rarely extremely cold and when it is extremely hot, a roof takes a lot of the bite out of the heat. A 4-season room would typically be additional heated living area (HLA) and have air conditioning as well. By most building codes, this also requires that a remodeling contractor insulate the ceiling, walls, and floors. It also makes it necessary to do a termite treatment, install a vapor barrier, temper any glass that is too close to the floor or doors, etc… All of these requirements drive up the cost to perhaps $150 – $200 per square foot depending on how large the space is and how many features you want included in the construction. ImageWhen we talk about 3-season rooms, we are typically talking about a screen porch or a porch with retractable windows like EZE Breeze. This is the consummate outdoor living room concept that still gives you the feeling of being outside and inside and the same time. These rooms can run from Imageanywhere from $50 – $75 per square foot again depending on the materials and size specifications.

So to recap the differences between the 3-season and 4-season room, there is a large price difference, feature difference, but if you live in a temperate climate, the functionality can be very similar!  To gain more ideas, visit to see hundreds of photos!

Remodeling trends that aren’t leaving…

US News and World Report wrote a great article recently about major remodeling trends that are here to stay. The gist of the article highlights the fact that in-law suites, kitchens, and outdoor living makeovers are the 3 remodeling projects that are not only hot now but data shows there is no slowing down in the foreseeable future.

Outdoor Fireplace Charlotte with travertine and stone seating walls

Outdoor Fireplace Charlotte with travertine and stone seating walls

  With an aging population and health care facilities beyond the average persons financial resources, in-law suites are becoming more and more common as a place for us to house our parents as they age and need care. They also add value to the home. Kitchen tasted are changing as people are forgoing large work space areas for larger eating areas. Finally, outdoor living has become a sort of refuge as people love the outdoors and moving their indoor conveniences outside.These 3 treads have great staying power and are great investments in your home! For design ideas, go to or .

Bathroom Remodel Video and blog by Value Remodelers in Charlotte

Value Remodelers and Handyman Services (an Archadeck company) recently remodeled a bathroom completely. The remodel in Charlotte included all new fixtures, shower, sink, frameless glass shower door, tile, marble counter tops and lighting. Watch the enclosed video to get some ideas for your bathroom!

The link is highlighted just here from YouTube and you can also go to Value to a photo gallery for additional bathroom remodeling projects in Charlotte and other types of projects as well!