“Where is the best place to put a billiards room in your house if you don’t quite have the space”

Billiards tables are large, heavy, cumbersome, and really great for recreation and entertaining! Where is the best place to put a billiards table in your home? If you purchase a regulation size billiards table, you not only need room to support the table but additional room to manuver your pool stick. There just aren’t that many rooms in the average home to accomodate this. Archadeck of Charlotte designed and build this outdoor living room that is designed to be a screen porch, sun room, and billiards room! The room features EZE Breeze windows that are retractable and convert a screen porch into a sun room and right back again.  A typical billiards table is 7′ x 3’6″ and then there should be at least another 3′ all the way around to manuever. So if you don’t have the ideal spot in your house for a billiards table, why not design and build a combination screen porch and sunroom that can also house the pool table? To see more rooms, take a look at Archadeck’s photo gallery at http://www.charlotte.archadeck.com

Archadeck of Charlotte EZE Breeze billiards sunroom

EZE Breeze sunroom billiards room

When do I need to replace my windows or doors?

Value Remodelers and Handyman Services is an Archadeck of Charlotte company that can evaluate rotten wood around windows and doors to determine if you need to replace your actual window or door or it is simply a matter of tearing out the rotten wood trim and replacing it with either new wood trim or a low-maintenance synthetic trim. Many companies will try to convince you that you need to replace the entire unit when it probably is only the trim. The savings can be thousands of dollars. There are great wood alternatives now for trim that are made of cellular PVC and virtually replicate the appearance of freshly painted wood and will never rot. For more information on this, either call 704-944-1357 or go to http://www.valueremodelers.com

Charlotte based handyman business does lots of small jobs!

Value remodelers and Handyman Services is an Archadeck of Charlotte company. It does hundreds of large and small jobs in and around the Charlotte market year around. It has the rare combination of being backed by a financially solid company like Archadeck but is not a franchise and is locally owned and operated.

The company does everything from rotten wood replacement and gutter cleaning, to full scale kitchen and bath remodeling. It is remarkable how many small home improvement and repair jobs are beign sought out on a daily basis. The pricing is affordable and the skill is very high level that includes drywall and painting. This is well worth checking out and is like a personal valet. See more info at http://www.valueremodelers.com or at 704-944-1357.

Value Remodelers Charlotte handyman and remodeling service

Value Remodelers Charlotte handyman and remodeling service

Why and where to use retractable awnings in Charlotte?

Retractable awnings are great in Charlotte if you are trying to create affordable shade and keep the sun’s ultraviolet rays from fading your furniture. We have found the Craftbilt awning to be of high quality and great value! The fabric selection is huge and comes with a best in class warranty. The retractable awning can come with a remote control and even a wind sensor that will make the awning retract in windy or stormy weather to insure it does not get harmed. In Charlotte, we have sun almost every day and not everyone can afford a screen porch or roof structure. Retractable awnigns are perfect if you have a flat area with no variation in the area where you want to mount it such as a chimney bumpout. The retractable awnings are custom built to fit the size you want and are professionally installed! To see more, check out Archadeck of Charlotte’s web sites….  http://www.charlotte.archadeck.com or http://www.archadeckofcharlotte.com

Covered Pergolas over deck and patios in Charlotte

What is the use of a pergola? We get asked that all of the time when we are consulting homeowners on different design options for the backyards! One of the more aesthetically pleasing ways to cover a deck or patio is with a pergola. Pergolas can provide great shade with or without a fabric cover. By spacing the wood closer, pergolas actually block out quite a bit of sun and keep you cooler. If our customers wants total sun blockage, we can install a weather proof attractive fabric that goes on rollers below the ceiling rafters of the pergola. There are many desing options for pergolas that one should consider. The width and height of the columns, the cuts on the ends of the rafters, the decorative detail on the top and bottom of the posts all play a part in making your pergola more fitting for your home. There are also material choices that come into play that really drive the cost up or down depending on low maintenance materials or the type of wood selected for the project. For more information, please visit either of the two web sites below:


or   http://www.archadeckofcharlotte.com

Awnings are a huge hit in Charlotte market and Sun City

Archadeck of Charlotte has been selling and installing quality awnings in Charlotte for years. The Sun City community (Pulte Homes) just south of Charlotte is an active adult living community where they value shade.  We are selling more awnings than ever as a result of the market for shade as it is a great value. These awnings are retractable and are manufactured by one of the top brands in the country, Craftbilt! Check out the web site for great pictures and information on the awnings  http://www.archadeckofcharlotte.com or http://www.charlotte.archadeck.com

Retractable Awnings provide great affordable shade options in Charlotte

retractable awning residential application

Pretty color matched retractable awning

If you are looking for an affordable option that truly provides shade, think about a quality built retractable awning. Archadeck of Charlotte is a major awning dealer and has been selling, installing, and repairing awnings for the past 12 years. Archadeck sells the Craftbuilt Awning that is of the highest quality and durability. You can even purchase one that comes with a remote control! Their are awnings for both residential and commercial applications. The price of awnings are quite affordable and in Charlotte where the sun can be hard on your outdoor living space and your furniture, a retractable awning from Archadeck is a great choice. You can see them displayed at 2311 Village Lake Drive in Charlotte, NC right off of Independence Boulevard. Either come to the show room or call 704-944-1350. There are many sales on the awnings through Clipper Magazine as well (http://www.clippermagazine.com)! Or visit our web site at http://www.archadeckofcharlotte.com or http://www.charlotte.archadeck.com.